How to Choose the Best Wedding Venue in Illinois

Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life. And you want everything to be perfect.

To do that, you have to start with the best wedding venue. But where do you even begin?

If you’re ready to find a wedding venue, you need to follow the steps below to make your wedding day the best one you’ll ever have!

Choose a Venue That Aligns With Your Vision 

The most important thing that you can do when choosing a wedding venue is to find one that fits the aesthetic that you have in mind. If you want a rustic wedding, you probably do not want to choose to get married in a church. It may be better to get married in a backyard or a warehouse. 

If you want to find a wedding venue that is more classy, you may want to consider a hotel like the Illinois Beach Hotel.

Know Your Guest List

Before choosing a venue, you also need to look at your guest list. You need to make sure that the venue is going to fit the number of people that you want to invite. 

If you choose a venue that is too small for your guest list, this will leave you in a predicament. Always going a little bigger than what you think will be your final number is smart to do.

Think About the Guests

I’m thinking about a wedding venue; you want to think about your guests

Where will they stay? Is it easy to get to? How long will they need to be there? 

Answering these questions will help you choose the best wedding venue for your guests. Choosing to go with a wedding venue that is close to an airport and has accommodations can be very helpful to your guests.

This may even mean that more guests will come because it is easier to access for them as well as easier logistics to figure out.

Know What’s Included

Once you choose a wedding venue, you want to know what is included. Does the venue come with food options? Is there a restaurant around that could cater, or are there services that will come to the venue? 

You should also learn what you can rent from the venue itself. For instance, do they rent out chairs, linens, a dance floor, etc., or do you have to go elsewhere to rent those items?

Choose the Best Wedding Venue

When it comes to choosing the best wedding venue, there are a lot of moving parts that go into it. From the guest list to the size of the wedding and everything in between, there’s a lot to think about.

We want to make it easy on you! At the Illinois Beach Hotel, we offer wedding packages to make your wedding the best day of your life!

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