5 Key Qualities and Amenities of the Best Hotels on Lake Michigan

There are nearly 100,000 hotels in the United States. With such a dizzying number, it can be hard to know what to look for when trying to pick out quality hotels. 

If you’re looking to take a vacation in the Great Lakes, then you should consider us here at Illinois Beach Hotel as one of the best hotels on Lake Michigan.

Here are five signs of a quality hotel that you should look out for, and that we can provide.

1. A Stress-Free Booking Process

When you book a hotel, it should be an easy process. No jargon, no confusing rates, just clear information, and a straightforward process. 

Quality hotels will allow you to make a reservation directly on their website or over the phone. You shouldn’t have to rely on a third-party agent to get you booked in. 

2. Excellent First Impressions

At the end of a long journey to your hotel, you need to be blown away by your surroundings and greeted in a warm and efficient manner. We strive to offer this to all of our guests. 

When you arrive at Illinois Beach Hotel, you’ll be welcomed and checked in swiftly so that you can get on with enjoying your vacation on Lake Michigan. 

3. Fantastic Food and Drink 

A sure sign of hotel quality is the food and drink available. One of our top tips for choosing a hotel is to take a look at the dining options available. 

Illinois Beach Hotel is the home of Nolan’s restaurant. We serve locally sourced comfort food in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. We have plenty of outdoor seating options so you can take in the stunning views over Lake Michigan while you eat. 

4. Friendly and Experienced Staff

You come to a hotel to be well-looked after so that you can feel like you are in a home away from home. The cornerstone of this treatment comes with having knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced staff members that are always on hand to help with any query or issue you could have. 

5. Clean and Well-Stocked Rooms

Your room should be your castle for the duration of your stay. You wouldn’t live in a dirty house, so you should expect nothing but the best from your hotel as well. We firmly believe in this. 

Your room should also come with all the best hotel amenities. Our rooms come with comfy beds, soft linens, a coffee maker, LCD TVs, free wi-fi, irons, and an ironing board. Your every need is catered for with us. 

One of the Best Hotels on Lake Michigan is Waiting for You

As you can see, a lot goes into running a quality hotel. When you’re away from home, you should feel valued, comfortable, and relaxed at all times. 

We pride ourselves on providing the best service and care available for all of our guests. Our friendly staff are more than ready to welcome you to one of the very best hotels on Lake Michigan. 

Book now for the vacation of a lifetime.